My Story!

Corrective Double Jaw Surgery

An Experience From Inside The Wire

my smile before surgery
(yah.. thats me)

picture of me speaking for my fans

What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

I’ve needed this surgery ever since i can remember, ever since i was a small child i can remember smiling and seeing the god forsaken space and gap between my lower and upper jaw creating a huge separation between my teeth. 
the correct name to classify this is called a “Class 3 LaFort” underbite.
SO! corrective jaw surgery is to rearrange both my jaws to place them in their correct positions! simple right? easy breezy! IN AND OUT! pft! that's what i thought.

Im writing this cover letter after surgery for one simple reason… because i had this idea after surgery :) 
in all seriousness, I’ve been waiting for this surgery for over 20+ years. the thought that it has finally come and its done its incredibly overwhelming and is almost like a fresh start at a new life. 
you will see several sides of me i this blog, soft and weak, the complainer, happy and dandy, etc etc…. do not judge as god will judge you back lol.

So without further adieu lets begin this journey of liquid diets, bad breath, pain meds and smelly urine… (yeah you heard that right) and how JayZ and Kylie Jenner don’t have Shit on me in the lip department anymore!

Special thanks
Id like to take a second to thank a few people.
yes yes yes everyone on Facebook, and however else wished me luck and positive thoughts you guys too! but not to 
cut you short but i am talking about a few people in particular.
these individuals are the reasons why I’m in the state of health i am today, why my spirits are so high and the reason this journey has been as tolerable as it has been.
without each one of you, this would have been absolutely impossible to bare alone, and i think you so much for everything you've done for me over the last few months!
Bonnie Lapointe (My mother)
Courtney Pinder (Girlfriend)
Sierra Desnoyers (Sister)
Bentley Desnoyers (Nephew)
Staff at Cambridge Memorial ICU 
Dr. O. Soliman
Dr. Cesar
Staff at Country Dental

Night Before Surgery.

T-Minus 24 hours

My Nephews Bday Party!
the strong bound between family, my little nephews birthday
clean shave the night before surgery

The day has finally arrived!

tomorrow morning I will be undergoing the surgery I've been waiting to have for over 20 years of my life!

Ive had these god forsaken braces on now for over a year! unfortunately though these bad boys stay on for another year following surgery :(

SO! Nathan (or Kamble depending on how you know me) How are you feeling? What's your state of mind like?
this is my bite before surgery, needs a lot of work

Im nervous... and it only really started kicking in tonight.

my nerves are shot because this will be a "First time" surgery where I am put under general anesthesia. I'm stuck in a position where I have to decide whether to eat AS MUCH food as i can possibly handle without of course killing myself or sleep as much as humanly possible on the count of knowing i won't be catching many ZZZ for the next little while lol.

all this food before surgery in the morning i will eat it all
I chose food of course..
1X full carton of Milk  (Mandatory)
4X Chicken Pot Pies
6X Strawberry toaster Struddles
4X Delicious Pastries 
1X Pineapple 

As i get everything ready last minute as always i slowly realize how tough of a journey this is going to be.. Last night i pre recorded 10 videos for my YouTube channel so that when I'm coming out of hospital i would still have some content for my subscribers. 
(see link for my channel :) extra promotion!)
my youtube channel full of gaming videos and funny videos

I strategically place items around the house for easy access such as a whiteboard with custom messages for visitors
(ex. Go Away)
(ex. Im Sorry Im An A**Hole) lol
Tons of Ensure bottles, applesauce, juice, and other soft food for myself to devour when i get home! 

Checklist Before Sleep.

- Shave entire face
- Pack Overnight Bag for Hospital stay
- Make Sure Youtube videos Are ready
- Paperwork for tomorrow in order
- Pray to baby jesus that I return intact / alive
- enjoy as much of my life before this goes down!

Waiting For Surgeon

(At the Hospital)

At the hospital now.. waiting to get this show on the road.
you see smiles but deep down I'm pooping my pants. 
my excitement level is out the roof because i am so ready for this surgery, but not knowing what to expect and not knowing what its going to feel like is whats causing my nerves to stay off balance.

FYI this is the first time I've completely shaved my face since i was able to grow facial hair.... yeah...

Post-Op Day 1

Day 1.

Pain Level - 5/10
Discomfort Level - 10/10

just getting out of the surgery room, very sore

the swelling is just about to shoot up in my life
Is this real life? i was abducted by aliens and probed! JUST KIDDING

As far as know the surgery went very well, unfortunately I'm super doped and info comes in and slips past my brain almost immediately.

Surgeon said my bones were as tough as cement!

Back home. Super swollen and very uncomfortable.
Trouble breathing and nose completely blocked.
       (Swelling Begins!)
this is right after surgery. very swollen and in a lot of pain
No feeling in my face at all nor control over my jaw. 
Can swallow water though which is good

Post-Op Day 2

Day 2 PostOp
Back In The hospital :(

Pain   9/10
discomfort   10/10

complications due to swelling and throat closing up caused me to to return to hospital
Complications.. Day
I'm fine.. just very obnoxiously swollen beyond control.
feels like my throat is starting to close up. nose is blocked so
breathing is nearly impossible.
No one can seem to figure out why the swelling isn't going
down but increasing instead.
Will be spending a few more nights in ICU.
Recovery will be a little more of a challenge than expected

Post-Op Day 3

                                     Day 3

Pain Level    -    10/10
Discomfort Level   -   10/10

Still trying to get this swelling down.

its like having an air pump plunged inside the right and left side of my face and constantly inflating with the maximum amount of air possible before splitting my face apart.

The pain is rough because the elastics that hold my teeth shut in position are now off so my freshly cut jawline are just hanging loose..
Everything about my body in fact is sore, my back is in pain, my feet feel numb, my throat feels as if i had the air tube ripped out of it as fast as possible :(

these are all normal says the doctors, supposedly during surgery as my mind is knocked unconscious, my body still feels the pain to some level. therefor imagine my body enduring this pain, clenching and aching....and crying... i guess its normal!Still holding high spirits. For now...

Post-Op Day 4

Day 4
Pain Level  -  8/10
Discomfort Level  -  10/10

we have finally reduced some of the excessive swelling around the upper part of my face and now the bruising is finally coming out which signifies reducing of the swollen glands around the face. Feeling better today can open my jaws with the elastic bands keeping them closed tight. Can eat tiny Ice chips and Popsicle pieces with some help from Courtney Pinder.
I'm feeling energetic enough to walk a few feet up and down the ICU hallways.

swelling is still overinflated in feeling, face is pretty much completely numb to the touch which is a little irritating.

The staff here are absolutely unbelievable! 
don't think i would be able to be in such high spirits without them being here giving me a hand.